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Learn English in the Right Way.

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There is a secret to being able to SPEAK English. REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT and SPEAK without "thinking" or translating (translation implies the inability to speak fluently). 

Our proven method provides the exercises your brain needs to be able to acquire NEW vocabulary and sentence structures while at the same time providing the necessary ear training.

This course is for ALL LEVELS consisting of more than 700 hundred video lessons, which you can complete at your own pace and in the comfort of your home. Should you follow the instructions and be diligent, you will learn English faster.

Our method works because it is DIFFERENT from anything you have tried before. Logically, you learnt to SPEAK your language as a baby before being able to read or write. Yet the usual language methods reverse the above, by teaching grammar and reading before you are able to speak the language. We also teach grammar and reading but never at the expense of SPEAKING. Helping you to gain confidence when speaking English is our specialty and main aim.

Join Master Callan Teacher, Rebecca Kotze, who has been successfully teaching English to thousands of students for over three decades via her Swiss-based language schools. You will make progress and ENJOY the process of reprogramming your brain, tongue, and ear with spectacular results.

Begin Today and be on your way to SPEAKING English “instinctively”. 

Hi, I’m Rebecca, your Master Callan Teacher for this course. 

I am thrilled to offer you a decades old, proven alternative approach that I have been successfully using since 2000 in my Swiss Schools.

No matter what your age or level is, you will improve your ability to SPEAK English without long hours of written homework.

Students of the Callan Method agree that this method causes breakthroughs like no other.

Join my class to fulfill your desire to speak English. You will NEVER need another “English” class again!

I look forward to being your teacher!


The Callan Method is a fast and very effective way to learn English as a foreign language for all students. The method is designed specifically to improve a student's listening and speaking abilities in a lively and active manner.

  • Beginner to advanced level
  • Constant listening and speaking
  • Vocabulary that students need
  • Grammar rules that help
  • Fast and dynamic lessons
  • Systematic revision of material.

With its long record of achievement, the Callan Method is used successfully all over the world and helps many thousands of people every day to learn English quickly and efficiently.