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Imagine. These kids won't have to remember passwords, or obsess about security. For them, every screen is meant to be touched. And web pages are meant to be scribbled on and shared. They'll expect their devices to listen to them. And talk. And sing. And tell a funny joke. And as they grow, and get better at things, their technology will too. They'll do things their parents never even dreamed of. Because these kids will grow up with Windows 10. The future starts now, for all of us. Get started today. Windows 10. A more human way to do.

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A super moon shone down over Greece on Saturday, the massive full lunar appearance happens several times in the year and is down to the moons proximity to the Earth making it appear much larger and brighter than usual. Scientists call them perigee moons and at its closest it was about 353,000 kms. from our planet. The super moon lit up the skies in many places around the world, this one shows it rising over houses in Spain while this was the view in Las Vegas as the moon was setting towards the western skies of Nevada. The scene was breathtaking as it hovered over the ancient Greek temple of Poseidon on the southern coast of mainland Greece, some 69 kms from Athens. Two more such moons are expected to appear in the next few months, one on August 10th and another on September 9th.

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