have + object + verb (past participle) – have something done

have + object + infinitive – have someone do something


1. The causative is used when arranging for someone to do something for us.
    We usually pay them for doing the task.

They had their flat repainted. (They arranged for someone to repaint it.)

COMPARE   They repainted their flat. (They did it themselves.)

I had my hair cut yesterday. (I went to the hairdresser.)

COMPARE   I cut my hair yesterday. (I cut it myself.)

2. Causative is also used when someone does something to us.

Bill had his mountain bike stolen.

3. have someone do something can be used to talk about giving instructions or orders.

I had my secretary type the report.

I’ll have my lawyer look into it.

Additional points

Get is possible instead of have, usually in informal spoken English.

I’m going to have my car fixed tomorrow.

I’m going to get my car fixed tomorrow.

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