There are several benefits in doing crosswords for improving your English:

  • 1. You will increase your vocabulary. Doing crosswords is a good way to learn new words.
  • 2. You will learn more synonyms. Crosswords rely on knowing more than one word with the same meaning: synonyms. If you know lots of synonyms, you can speak better, be more persuasive and understand more.
  • 3. A crossword is one way you can use English every day. By using English, and thinking about words, you will remember more and more vocabulary, and become comfortable with English.
  • 4. You will improve your English thinking. Crosswords are a great brain exercise. They will help you think in English and about English. This will help you become more fluent.

Go on ! Test your vocabulary.

STARTING OUT (beginners)

GETTING ON (intermediate)

TURNING POINT (advanced)

OPEN ROAD (proficiency)

And if you REALLY FANCY doing a UK newspaper type crossword, then click HERE. A new crossword every day.

If you need help with new words in the CLUES, a DICTIONARY is provided in the bottom right hand corner. Click on the tab to make it visible.